Today it is possible to print, on laminated porcelain only 3,5 mm thick, any high definition photo achieving a very high quality chromatic results in very small quantities.
LeaLab’s mission is to embrace and encourage creativity.

The starting point is Slimtech, the latest-generation ceramic material that becomes the base on which any high resolution image can be reproduced, maintaining vibrant colours and nuances intact thanks to a new digital printing technique.

With LeaLab, Slimtech laminated porcelain becomes an evolving material able to meet a surprising and unexpected variety of project requirements.

The technical skill of Lea Ceramiche, together with its natural aptitude for producing quality products, provides the customer with a firm guarantee of support throughout every stage of any architectural or residential project. By creating a close relationship between manufacturers, consumers and architects, LeaLab offers a customized service able to meet requests of any kind.

Slimtech and the digital printing

Slimtech is an ultra-slim laminated stoneware slab by Lea Ceramiche that comes in record sizes. Packing resistance and durability into a thickness of just 3.5mm, this product has revolutionised the ceramic sector in the last few years, leaving the traditional tile concept standing with large sizes of up to 3mx1m.

LeaLab revolutionises the decoration process; unlike traditional technologies, involving subsequent firing at high temperatures – which have a negative impact on the material characteristics and colour of the ceramic support – the innovative digital printing technique makes it possible to improve the ultimate quality of the printing and to obtain an ultra-high-definition image and aesthetic effects enhanced by the pure material essence of the ceramic slab.

Slimtech combines with this new technology for an end result and performance that were unthinkable just a few years ago. LeaLab is a blend of beauty and function that allows for a high level of design personalisation, swift execution and even minimum order quantities.

The advantages

The personalization is total: with Lealab any idea can become a surface covering. Easy to cut and install thanks to its light weight (a 100x100cm Slimtech 3 plus slab weighs just 8kg).

The base the image is printed on is eco-sustainable: with a production cycle that consumes a third of the energy and water normally used for a standard product, with almost 100% recycling of by-products and lower CO2 emissions during transport, because more square metres per load can be carried. It is these details and procedures that have earned Slimtech a several quality and environmental certifications (EPD, GreenGuard, EMAS, ISO 14001, ISO 9001).

Colour range and finishes

Any kind of image can be printed with LeaLab. For improved chromatic performance, it is best to use the Slimtech Shade Gouache.10 white cloud support .

Non-toxic, water-based, sunlight-resistant inks are used for printing. Once the image has been printed on the Slimtech ceramic support, a waterbased protective layer is placed on top, giving the material 3 different finishes: OPACA (matt), NATURALE (in which the surface appears brighter), and LUCIDA, with a perfect glossy finish.

LeaLab is perfectly suitable for coverings for both residential and architectural projects, as well as for contract uses. In the residential sector, it can be used not only on walls, as per tradition, but also to cover any kind of furnishings (cupboards, containers, doors, booths etc..) offering eye-catching and visually striking aesthetics.

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