A new ceramic material born in colour.

A collection of 12 contemporary nuances, rich in formats and decorative ideas.

Lea Ceramics for new stations in Paris.

In attesa delle Olimpiadi 2024, Parigi avanza con i lavori delle sue 4 nuove linee metropolitane.


Ultra-thin and ultra-sustainable slabs, 100% compensated for CO2

Bio Attitude.

Natural essence of a refined rusticity. 

Far from any artificiality, Bio Attitude evokes with a simple, new and at the same time timeless language, a sense of authentic naturalness.


Materials, colours, and creativity combine to form a ceramic alphabet with which to compose design masterpieces

Slimtech Easy.

The first dry laying installation system without the use of adhesives certified with Slimtech Plus, superior quality ultra-thin ceramic slabs.


Antibacterial floors and wall coverings

We are increasingly conscious about health and safety in all the choices we make in our daily lives. We want to be sure that we’re protecting what we love – but if we really want to do this, we need to start at home.

250-260 Gold Street
Honourable Mention for the 250-260 Gold Street project created with porcelain stoneware tiles by Lea Ceramiche.

The ultra-thin Slimtech slabs, 100% compensated for CO2, are born sustainable right form the very first phases: starting from the ingredients used, the reduced water and energy requirements, less pollution generated in transport up to the complete compensation of the CO2 emitted in their entire life cycle.

Highlighted projects
In occasione della Milano Design Week 2022, Lea Ceramiche ha presentato Perspectives by Ferruccio Laviani, un percorso nella ceramica per indagare le prospettive caleidoscopiche che si aprono per l’architettura.
“Perspectives helps those who walk through it to grasp the power of colour. A tool that opens kaleidoscopic perspectives for architecture."
A Coverings 2023, colore e design sono i protagonisti da Lea Ceramiche
Lea Ceramiche at Euroshop 2023: The Art of Italian Design
Lea Ceramiche participates in the cladding of the new Paris stations
Masterpiece by Ferruccio Laviani in the ADI Design Index
Lea Ceramics at the BDNY in New York
Lea Ceramiche flies to Paris for Equiphotel
Cersaie 2022. House of Colours.
Lea Ceramiche @ Cersaie 2022
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