Lea Ceramiche

A brand with a strong and unmistakeable identity, one the prime movers in the design world.
Standing out as innovators.

Lea Ceramiche has always stood out from the crowd. And it has done so by innovating: with products with a clear personality and remarkable technical qualities, pure ceramic material originating from in-depth research and cutting-edge production technologies; and with the collaboration of the most respected international designers who are able to exalt the character and the qualities of its collections, used in prestigious projects and installations all over the world.

Every Lea Ceramiche collection – even the most conventional one – stands out for its quality ceramic design, the completeness of the range and the richness of the decorations. Because it is through the uninterrupted dialogue between the extensive knowledge of techniques and materials and the creative intelligence of a tight-knit team of professionals that continuously evolving ideas, solutions and collections are born and developed.

Design and Performance.

Our daily work is based on an enthusiastic interaction between innovation and creativity: this is why every Lea Ceramiche product is a synthesis of design and performance.

Our surfaces embody timeless style, outstanding technical performance and technological possibilities interpreted by the design world.

The prestigious awards received by the collections signed by internationally renowned designers testify to the value of Lea Ceramiche’s work and to the quality of its products.


High performance levels and refined aesthetic quality, have made Lea Ceramiche products greatly acknowledged by numerous industry experts in the international panorama.

These collaborations, over the years, have given rise to important achievements both in architecture and in interior design. Furthermore, with relation to exhibitions and design, several of these partnerships have given way to original and impactful installations. All these convey an unconventional use for ceramic materials and the absolute versatility they offer.

All the projects that have been implemented are the result of a constant dialogue between the company - with its know-how and its expert knowledge of the materials used - and the intelligence of industry experts that are able to give new life to this opportunity.

Innovation for Top architecture.

Innovative design, absolute reliability of technical performance, and the capacity to dare and focus on the future have made Lea Ceramiche an undisputed key player in international architecture.

As proved by the important projects supplied by the brand around the world.

From its showroom in Milan to its temporary Lab in Paris to its evocative installations and its participation in the most influential events around the world, Lea Ceramiche is engaged in a constant and animated dialogue with the world of design.

Panariagroup. Throughout time and around the world, ceramic excellence.
Part of Panariagroup, one of the leading international groups in the production of high-end and luxury ceramic surfaces, Lea Ceramiche shares the same mission, always focused on growth and the creation of well-being in harmony with people and the environment.
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