Business Architecture.

A section of projects by Lea Ceramiche.

These are significant buildings, with an identity, that transpose a brand’s values into architecture, from origins to vision. Or else in more neutral meeting areas, they are the sign of the complex and manifold world in which they have developed. 

Sometimes they define the surrounding space, by introducing a defining architecture, and at other times instead, they fit in seamlessly into the context that plays host to them.

They are Headquarters, an explicit showcase for brand identity and for an architecture that is specifically devoted to offices. These can be new presences or the urban landscape revisited, but they always speak volumes: about business but not only that.

BGI Etiopia, one of the largest brewers in the French Castel Group, entrusted the Rome-based Westway Architects firm with the design of its new headquarters, next to its factories in the centre of Addis Ababa. The renowned brewery wanted a very representative and impressive building that would powerfully relate to the urban context and the surrounding landscape. 

The Pudong area east of the Huangpu River is home to the SK Group Tower, Shanghai’s tenth tallest building, which imperiously towers 275 metres high in the financial and commercial district located a short distance from the Shanghai World Expo Center, whose futuristic pavilions attract many visitors, and Pudong International Airport, one of China’s main airports. 

One of the recent international projects that has seen Slimtech chosen as the flooring product is Zala Zone in Hungary, a research centre into driverless electric vehicles which strikes the perfect balance between style and substance. 

The Italian headquarters of the largest US e-commerce giant has been opened near the skyscrapers of Porta Nuova, which already host some of the most important hi-tech brands. Here the multinational’s around four hundred employees have been working since November 2018 in the two almost 18,000 sq. m renovated blocks.