Carnet de voyage

L’ospitalità secondo Lea Ceramiche

As we reach the peak of summer, feeling a great desire to travel, Lea Ceramiche takes us on a virtual journey through exclusive and enchanting locations.

Situated on a small tropical island in Thailand, the Idyllic Concept Resort is an architectural complex designed by Thanon Studio that dialogues with the stunning surrounding landscape, enhancing the local atmosphere through a perfect balance between indoor and outdoor areas. Lea Ceramiche’s Waterfall collection, inspired by natural elements, was chosen for the flooring in the lobby, realistically reproducing ancient slate.

The grey base colours recall the oxidation process of stone, a constantly transforming material that changes colour, form and structure, adapting to the evolution of natural phenomena and the passage of time. Waterfall gives the space a sophisticated and harmonious character and makes the surrounding atmosphere elegant and welcoming, enhancing the balance of the project’s proportions.

Located in the romantic setting of the French capital, just a few metres from the Louvre museum, the Hotel de Noailles has a long family history and was designed by the architects Selig&Renault, Alexandra Selig and Carl Renault. For the redesign of the spaces in line with the owners’ extroverted and imaginative character, the Bio Select wood-effect porcelain stoneware collection was chosen for the flooring in the common areas.

The long slats in the Walnut Tobacco colour recall the warmth of natural wood and the innovative digital printing technique reproduces this effect on ceramic material with extreme definition, creating a perfect fusion between graphic design and structure, which simplifies the contrast between natural and artificial. The skilful blend of designs and colours produces modules that evoke a classic, harmonious and natural style; the colour shades give the surfaces that warm, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere that makes the Hotel de Noailles a little jewel in the heart of Paris.

Finally, in the centre of Budapest, a few metres from the Danube river, you can find the city’s first Boutique Hotel, opened in 2006. Following a recent renovation, the entire social area – the lobby and dining room – has been transformed into an intimate space, partly thanks to Lea Ceramiche’s stylish floor materials. The choice of the Slimtech Wood-Stock collection, ultra-thin wood-effect laminated stoneware with long slats featuring various graphic designs and laid in 20x200cm modules, has made it possible to enhance the space and guarantee a long-lasting result. Their thickness of just 5.5mm also enabled rapid application on pre-existing flooring, without removal, ensuring that the hotel remained fully full functional during renovation works.

The reception area is emphasized by the Slimtech Type 32 collection by Diego Grandi , which features two overlapping layers: the first is more textured, inspired by wood, while the second is more graphic, creating a typical zig-zag effect on the surface, evoking traditional French herringbone floors. The end result is an interplay of lines and perfectly combined patterns that create a potentially infinite surface.

The three Lea Ceramiche projects, which stand out for their distinctive creative style and high-quality materials, are also guaranteed by Protect® antibacterial protection, an exclusive silver ion technology that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces, 24 hours a day, ensuring that spaces are totally safe for guests.