Design for Wellness by Lea Ceramiche

A sophisticated and welcoming surface, in which aesthetics and design come together to create spaces dedicated to wellness and moments of precious intimacy.

One of the most obvious trends in the post-Covid era is people’s need to create quality moments and relax on a daily basis, as far as possible from a stressful lifestyle that leaves little space for hobbies, wellness, and self-care.

Equipment, technology, and spaces dedicated to wellness are thus migrating away from the classic locations associated with hospitality towards the home, leaving the task of building domestic and intimate retreats to design. Thus, bathrooms transform blending together function and aesthetic and creating unique and elegant solutions.

A great deal of care must be taken in choosing the most fitting materials and colours. Ranges made up of the most relaxing shades, combined with high end details, help to create small domestic spas and oases of private wellness.

For these spaces, Lea Ceramiche offers a wide range of collections (which can also be freely combined with one another) that are the product of ongoing research in aesthetics and design; collections that are able to fully express the stylistic and innovative potential of a material as extraordinary and natural as porcelain stoneware, and slabs that can satisfy the needs of a wide variety of interiors, from the most lavish and luxurious, to the most elegant and modern.

Synestesia is an aesthetically and visually astounding marble-look collection, characterized by a unique surface that is soft and silky to the touch; a new series that offers a true journey of the senses through materials, one that begins with the impressive graphic and chromatic wealth of marble to create ceramic surfaces of unmistakable personality. Synestesia has a very dense graphic texture, aimed at recreating the look of natural veining which gives rise to precious designs and artistic effects, all perfectly in line with the latest marble trends in the field of interior design. But it’s primarily when it comes to touch that Synestesia reveals its true sensuality, with a soft, silky, delicate, and welcoming surface; a collection that’s available in four lavish ceramic marbles, in which the explosive beauty of nature is immortalized for contemporary, unique, and distinctive luxury interiors.
Anthology  is a highly evocative series, fruit of a skilful and deliberate blend of distinctive ingredients that give life to 5 entirely different surfaces with strong and unique personalities. Each is the result of a special union, in which elements of marble and stone from different origins are meticulously calibrated and blended with astounding realism, resulting in a combination that exalts the qualities of both. A unique effect, that surpasses the boundaries of the visual and tactile experiences which have thus far been explored by a ceramic product. In addition to the material having different degrees of depth, these three surfaces have the ability to generate tactile sensations and reflect light, giving spaces a fluid harmony that blurs the line between the artificial and natural dimensions.

Meanwhile, the Bio Select collection from Lea Ceramiche is based on the idea of recreating, on a ceramic surface, the details and warmth of wood flooring with a natural and elegant design. The woods which inspired Bio Select are oak and walnut, among the most valuable in nature. A great deal of research went into finding the best planks and reproducing a light, bright, and elegant colour that works perfectly with any décor or style. The planks, also available in a large full-length format, give spaces a natural elegance that’s enhanced by the use of high quality and sustainable materials. Bio Select is a contemporary collection, perfect for spaces that increasingly adhere to new lifestyles, that refreshes floors and walls, giving an elegant, sophisticated and dynamic dimension to a space.


Last, but not least, is Pigmenti, the latest ultra-thin Slimtech Plus slab by Lea Ceramiche, a product of the collaboration with Ferruccio Laviani. The result is a tactile colour with a delicate structure, in which subtle graphic movements provide depth and vitality. With Pigmenti, ceramic reclaims its primitive function, once again becoming a pure material dedicated to colour. Twelve colour variations are available: a range of contemporary shades, inspired by both natural tones and the most sophisticated nuances, that can be easily combined with one another, as well as with other of the brand’s collections. Pigmenti is also extremely thin: just 3.5 mm thick for over-sized slabs (3x1m), which can even be used on vertical surfaces, both indoors or outdoors. These large thin slabs are also perfect for the sustainable renovation of a space: thanks to their extremely reduced thickness, they can be installed on top of existing floor solutions, without generating construction debris caused by the removal of previous material.

In these four products, extremely high technical and aesthetic performance combines with the exceptional anti-microbial, hygienic, and protective properties of Protect® technology which, thanks to a true silver-ion shield incorporated in the tiles, eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria, guaranteeing extremely high performance and ensuring that floors and coverings are hygienic, safe, and protected. Fundamental characteristics that meet the needs of the modern day, in which domestic environments, especially bathrooms, must provide flexibility and, above all, peace of mind.

Four very different products that, however, are united by enormous expressive strength and by the creativity that is part of Lea Ceramiche’s DNA, confirming that this is the chosen brand for designing contemporary and personalized spaces.