Kitchen According to Lea Ceramiche.

Aesthetics and performance dedicated to the kitchen

The kitchen. It is the quintessential domestic space. And it is increasingly multifunctional and open to evolution; a space designed to be exhibited to guests and enjoyed within the intimacy of your home. No wonder designers and clients pay so much attention and care to every stage of its design and implementation. From identifying functions and needs to arranging furniture and surfaces and, above all, selecting the most suitable materials for walls, floors and even countertops and backsplashes. A good kitchen design means making it suitable for the lifestyles of those who spend time in it, ensuring practicality and a sophisticated aesthetic that usually facilitates a dialogue between the kitchen and the living area, which is increasingly included in the same environment.

Lea Ceramiche reinterprets the trendiest surfaces in an original and impeccable way, offering ideal solutions for creating volumes, such as tables or tops, and for covering walls or floors in the kitchen and beyond. The marble effect, restyled with a contemporary twist, has a lively elegance that gives spaces an exquisite and elegant look. The aesthetic of concrete evokes a style with urban taste, a symbol of modern and minimalist architecture. Finally, the stone effect, which Lea Ceramiche offers in original solutions, makes it possible to create spaces with a more natural look. Different effects, all offered in a Slimtech version, large thin slabs. The ideal solution for creating aesthetically impeccable, easy to clean floor and wall coverings with a minimal number of joints or for kitchen tops and backsplashes, thanks to its resistance to heat, stains, and scratching, as well as its totally non-absorbent surface. Moreover, dirt, bacteria, fungi and mold pathogens are completely unable to penetrate inside the product’s surface material and the heat resistance guaranteed by Slimtech allows you to place hot pots or dishes directly on the top.

Synestesia is an extraordinary marble-effect collection with a striking aesthetic and original, soft, and silky surface. This series represents a real journey of the senses through the material, starting from the ostentatious graphic and chromatic richness of marble to produce ceramic surfaces with an unmistakable personality. Synestesia features a very dense graphic texture that recreates vein patterns which produce exquisite artistic designs and effects, perfectly in line with the latest marble trends in the interior design segment. The collection offers contemporary luxury rediscovered in almost graphic vein patterns, in infinite paths that cross the material, a timeless world in which nature’s disruptive beauty merges with man’s ability to reproduce it through technology. Above all, it is through touch that Synestesia reveals all its sensuality, featuring a soft, delicate and enveloping surface. A collection that features four sumptuous ceramic marbles that capture the disruptive beauty of nature for unique and distinctive contemporary luxury settings.

With Concreto, Lea Ceramiche has developed a full ceramic collection inspired by concrete: split into three thicknesses, with multiple finishes, formats and decorative solutions. An aesthetic project, designed by Fabio Novembre, that lends character to any environment, for cosier and more private environments, welcoming spaces featuring unique harmony and minimalist design. Continuous, clean surfaces, both vertical and horizontal; monolithic walls, floors that expand spaces, furnishings: Concreto, in the Slimtech version, reveals the infinite possibilities of large thin porcelain stoneware slabs. The decorative accessories combine concrete references with fragments of gold and unpredictable traces of water, a vital element in its natural and organic interaction with the material. The Zoom decoration range featuring standard thickness explores the organic nature of concrete to discover unpredictable natural geometries, creating patterned carpets and a new take on traditional cement tiles for wall coverings.

Finally, Nextone is a stone-effect collection divided into three manufacturing technologies and as many thicknesses: a resourceful decorative system with a range of formats, colours and decorations that can compete with any type of kitchen design. The collection’s four colours express neutral tones, ranging from pure White to bright Gray and from welcoming Taupe to elegant Dark, a charcoal grey with a hint of brown.

The collection has a decorative approach expressed through 3 textures with a contemporary style: Line, Dot and Mark recreate light material effects which, combined with the Naturale and Lappata finishes of the base modules, aim to create fluid and coordinated environments.

Varied surfaces that express different styles and personalities and that, at the same time, guarantee maximum hygiene, a fundamental requirement for places where food is prepared and consumed at various times of the day. The presented collections are part of the PROTECT® line, antibacterial porcelain stoneware floor and wall coverings that offer very high performance for healthy, safe and protected environments, thanks to the silver ion shield incorporated in the tiles, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria from the surface.

These three solutions bring the best of design, innovation and technology to the demanding kitchen environment: ingredients that have always characterized Lea Ceramiche’s experimental and creative spirit.