Outdoor, new material effects and expressive collections that remain unchanged over time

Lea Ceramiche’s outdoor solutions

Outdoor areas are increasingly considered to be valuable and desirable: gardens, terraces and balconies become the natural extension of indoor spaces, hosting pleasurable moments spent alone or in company, especially during the warm season. It is therefore becoming important to design outdoor spaces that are functional, welcoming, long-lasting and capable of creating a sense of harmony with nature and the surrounding environment.


Lea Ceramiche, a brand synonymous with innovative and high-performance design with an unmistakable style, offers multiple solutions for outdoor environments – from lawns to gravel areas, swimming pools or wellness centres – thanks to versatile surfaces suitable for both residential and contract use, resistant to environmental changes and the most aggressive chemical agents, and featuring unprecedented, high-performance technical and chromatic features. Stylish outdoor coverings that combine the charm of natural stones with innovative and cutting-edge materials. Rich and versatile collections, stoneware with an intense and textured look to enhance the textures of marble, stone, concrete and wood united by 3 key qualities: strength, character and contemporary appeal.

Perfect for terraces, walkways and verandas, the ceramic surfaces ensure a seamless aesthetic with the interior; in the high thickness versions, they can withstand the highest loads and can be laid without adhesive on grass, gravel and sand. They also offer endless solutions for swimming pools, solariums and spas, and can even be used on the sides of the pool and inside it. Resistance to weathering and UV rays makes porcelain stoneware a suitable material for cladding exterior façades, including ventilated walls that optimise the buildings’ thermal comfort.

Offering solutions with material effects inspired, though not exclusively, by nature, and a selection of easy-to-apply and durable surfaces, Lea Ceramiche adds character to spaces with a creative and innovative aesthetic that always stands out.

One of the most notable new additions is Anthology: a new interpretation of traditional subjects, such as stone and marble, which come together in a unique collection to create a striking effect not found in nature. A careful and tasteful combination of distinctive ingredients produces 5 completely different subjects with a strong and uncompromising character. Specifically, the Rough finish has a particularly rough surface with high non-slip performance, making the coverings ideal for outdoor areas, from terraces to patios and poolsides.

L2: the Lea Ceramiche outdoor range, featuring 20 mm-thick stoneware, combines strength, durability and long-term resistance with captivating and versatile material effects with high technological performance, also adopted for large-scale architecture. Ideal for terraces, paths, gardens and public parks, as well as for beach resorts, the L2 range recreates surfaces that complement the surrounding space and nature. A wide range of formats, textures and colours offer great flexibility and aesthetic appeal, allowing indoor floors to seamlessly dialogue with the outdoor area.

With these products, Lea Ceramiche demonstrates the expressive power and the high technical performance of its collections which, thanks to a wide selection of textures, decorations and formats, can be perfectly integrated into unique outdoor projects in harmony with their surroundings.