Protect® technology meets a flair for design.

LEA Ceramiche’s ability to offer new aesthetic and application languages is combined with the attention to the protection and safety of environments. For unique solutions suitable for any kind of environment.

For Lea Ceramiche, being visionary means designing collections that can break with ceramic tradition, opening up new design paths and new aesthetic codes through innovation and technology, and inspiring the world of interiors and architecture. Today, the surfaces that surround us must increasingly satisfy aesthetic and functional requirements and, above all, they must guarantee safety and protection in everyday life.

This is the spirit behind LEA Ceramiche’s collections, which stand out for their distinctive style, in-depth and innovative material research, expressive potential, attention to detail and an exceptional guarantee: Protect® antibacterial protection, an exclusive silver ion technology that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria from the surface, 24 hours a day, ensuring the utmost safety of spaces and guests.

The latest solutions offered by Lea Ceramiche, which perfectly combine design and protection, include Masterpiece, the new collection designed by architect Ferruccio Laviani. The combination and breakdown of two tactile surfaces, concrete (Master) and Seminato (Piece), results in a new visionary and highly nuanced collection that offers a ceramic alphabet for composing sophisticated design masterpieces.

Two different surfaces that can be freely combined or used separately. Designed for minimal or more sumptuous settings, for modern residential locations, lofts, commercial and contract, Masterpiece by Ferruccio Laviani is aimed at those looking for personality through an original, well-structured and versatile solution perfect for expressing the best creativity.

With Concreto, designed by Fabio Novembre, the symbolic material of modern architecture inspires a conceptual operation which, between pure backgrounds and decorative patterns, celebrates the aesthetics of concrete. A complete ceramic collection with three thicknesses, multiple finishes, various sizes and several decorative solutions, permitting a wide range of uses of materials and seamless surfaces, including between indoor and outdoor areas. An aesthetic project that shapes the character of each room: more intimate and private, cosy spaces that uniquely harmonize minimalism and design.

The combination of the most advanced technologies and sophisticated aesthetic research has resulted in Anthology: an innovative and original interpretation of traditional materials, such as stone and marble, which are brought together in a unique collection for a sophisticated and astonishing result not found in nature.

A solution that stems from a deep and mature stylistic research, accompanied by the application of the best production and decorative technologies available, such as the innovation introduced by Panariagroup that allows patterns to be perfectly synchronised with the three-dimensional structure created on the surface. The result is an extremely realistic product in which the distinctive features and the typical qualities of stone are recognisable, along with the precious and unmistakable characteristics of the best marbles in nature. An exclusive effect that transcends all visual and tactile experiences previously explored by ceramic products.