Unconventional Bathroom

Different styles to decorate the bathroom.
With their different thicknesses and formats, design details and new technologies, ceramic tiles give spaces a new identity. The many collections in Lea Ceramiche’s catalogue take on different languages, sometimes drawing inspiration from materials found in nature, such as marble, wood, stone or cement, and at other times presenting their own stylistic features. The result is a journey into the materiality and spatiality of architecture in which each setting expresses a style and a new interior vision waiting to be explored. The high quality of Lea Ceramiche’s products is also guaranteed by the inclusion of Protect ® anti-bacterial protection, which offers powerful anti-bacterial resistance and is permanently integrated in the products during the processing stage, making all the living areas, especially the bathroom, safe, healthy and protected.

"Consider the bathroom to be a dynamic, flexible place that can be customised in many different ways. […] Inside my bathroom, dynamism is expressed through a system that makes it possible to move accessories and lamps over a metal structure, while two-tone patterned tiles cover the room’s rear wall, becoming a powerful customization element.”

Diego Grandi for Interni, Annual Bagno 2019.

Delight Nero Marquina

The Delight  collection in intense Nero Marquina covers walls and floor with 60x120cm and 60x60cm modules. The glossy finish (Lux) interacts with light, enhancing the white veins and accentuating the material’s depth. The collection is distinguished by a series of geometric decorations, such as Mosaico 36, which covers the entire shower area.

Delight, previously available in a Slimtech version in maxi formats and a slim thickness, is presented with traditional thicknesses of 10 and 11mm at Cersaie 2019.

Slimtech Concreto by Fabio Novembre

In this bathroom, the organic nature of cement meets the technology of laminated porcelain stoneware. The impressive slabs with extra-large 120x120cm and 120x260cm formats create vivid surfaces with a modern style. The material’s slim 6mm thickness allows it to be used for a wide range of applications, not only for wall and floor coverings, but also for furniture, doors, countertops in bathrooms and kitchens, ventilated façades and coatings.

Available in five colours, the collection is distinguished by four surface variants (on the right wall in the photo, Reef Dark) that evoke the effect of water when it interacts with a cement mix. Concreto,  star in the Famous Bathrooms exhibition at Cersaie 2019, a story inspired by the bathrooms of famous people, designed to highlight the distinctiveness of ceramic design products.

Bio Select

Recreating the traces and warmth of wooden floors on the ceramic material, the collection gives the surfaces a natural and elegant look. After careful research, shades and designs are reproduced using the innovative digital printing technique. This results in perfectly calibrated colours and veins; the slats, which are also available in the 30x180cm format, give the space a refined sense of linearity.

The wall is enhanced by the Mosaico ABC decoration in the Oak Vanilla colour, which enables sophisticated geometric installation combinations.


From the combination of four types of stones from different quarries, whose characteristics have been blended together, Lea Ceramiche’s research laboratory has developed new patterns that recreate a kind of stone that does not exist in nature, but that has a natural and very balanced aesthetic effect.

The collection  has a decorative touch expressed through mosaics and three textures with a contemporary style: Line, Dot and Mark recreate light material effects that can be combined with the Naturale and Lappata finishes of the base modules, aiming to create fluid and coordinated environments (on the walls in the photo, Mosaico Mix and Mosaico 144 in the Next Taupe colour). A version of the collection with a 6mm thickness and 120x120cm and 120x260cm formats will be presented at Cersaie 2019 with the Slimtech series, together with the very aesthetically striking Graf decoration.