A nomination to be proud of


ADI Design Index has selected Lea Ceramiche and its collection Anthology for its expert and meticulous ability to reinterpret and blend natural materials like stone and marble with stunning realism.


Products which stand out for their innovation in function and form, for the manufacturing processes that have been employed, for the materials that are used, and for their formal synthesis, as well as for their environmental and social sustainability, attention to usability, interaction, and concept of Design for All. These are the criteria according to which the best products of Italian design are selected by ADI (Association for Industrial Design), which today, 27 October 2021, has officially announced the 2021 ADI Design Index. Only products that have been selected are eligible for the Compasso d’Oro, the most prestigious national award in the field of technological and industrial design, which will be held in June 2022.

Among the products chosen by the Permanent Design Observatory for publication in the ADI Design Index, is the Anthology collection by Lea Ceramiche, which offers an original take on traditional materials like stone and marble that come together in a unique collection for an astounding product that is not present in nature. This collection is the product of relentless stylistic research by Panariagroup’s R&D department, using cutting-edge manufacturing and decorative technologies, which seamlessly integrate the graphic patterns into the three-dimensional structure of the surface. This gives flooring and cladding an authentic look and feel. The unique natural features of stone and the striking veining of marble are clearly discernible yet exquisitely merged for an outstanding end-result. These unique features of the Anthology collection create a perfect synthesis of the visual and tactile experience that no other ceramic product has ever explored before.                                                                                                                                                  

The collection consists of Five unique subjects, all different from each other and with distinct personalities. In each of them, elements of marble and stone, meticulously calibrated and from different origins, blend together with astounding realism, resulting in a combination that enhances the features of both. One can choose from various surface styles for each available colour (timeworn, natural, or sandblasted), paired with the graphic pattern that best enhances their characteristics. Anthology can meet any design need, whether residential or commercial, indoor or outdoor.

Thus, the collection caters to the needs of the latest and ever-evolving interior design trends, focusing on a modern reinterpretation of the stylistic attributes inherited from natural raw materials.

Thanks to its extensive technological expertise and undisputed creative skill, Lea Ceramiche is once again at the centre of the international design scene.

Anthology is showcased within the ADI Design Index exhibit at the ADI Design Museum in Milan until 7 November, and subsequently in Rome.