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An online consulting service, granting a precise response by qualified professional advisers to develop and realize projects using Lea Ceramiche products.

Lea Ceramiche makes available to all its customers and all consumers a qualified online consulting service providing accurate information on all collections available, tender specifications, guidelines for potential applications of the porcelain gres on standard thickness and laminate porcelain Slimetech, prompt support to choose suitable products & materials, overview on the antibacterial system technology Protect. 

These are only some available services that Lea Ceramiche offers to all consumers, whether they are Private or Professional Users. It’s a direct contact to promote the exchange of ideas to realize together ambitious projects.

Lea Ceramiche Team will reply to all the inquiries received in a very short space of time and, if necessary, organize and arrange a conference call to develop more details of the project.

To book 1 hour of free consultation by phone or video conference click here