Lea Ceramiche @ Milano Design Week


During Design Week 2022, Lea Ceramiche will encourage the public to discover one of the most fascinating and intimate glimpses of Milan, by visiting an installation that extols its paths and perspectives, by Architect Ferruccio Laviani.

Perspectives will come to life in Giardino dei Platani of the Humanitarian Society of Milan: a green area next to the Cloisters of San Barnaba, a stimulating scenario to depict the beauty, opportunities and innovation conveyed by the ceramic material. Along the walkways of this green space, Laviani envisaged a path through ceramics to investigate the kaleidoscopic perspectives that unfold for architecture.

A sequence of ultra-thin interspersed ceramic slabs creates a sort of perspective telescope achieved through clefts that recall natural ravines where the eyes can reach the bottom.

"I devised an installation halfway between installation and land art, recalling Thomas Demand's 'Grotto' material layering, the pages of Stephen Doyle's sculpted books or, again, the contemporary labyrinth of Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh. A different way of experiencing ceramics, combining minerals and nature, architecture and art, experience and visual perception, through the language of the LEA Ceramiche collections." Ferruccio Laviani.

A sequence of shaped partitions covered with very thin, barely visible white ceramic slabs, ends in colored planes: after the initial whiteness, Perspectives will take in a new horizon, where colour becomes a metaphor for the multiplicity of architectural scenarios that Lea Ceramiche wishes to investigate.

To create this path, Lea Ceramiche offers the best of its Slimtech 3plus collections: large laminated porcelain stoneware, extraordinarily light, thanks to the ultra-thin thickness of only 3.5mm. A versatile and resistant material, offering new perspectives in the world of architecture and living, expression of a technology that remodels the traditional production process to reach a completely new and sustainable solution. The thickness, reduced by 2/3 compared to traditional tiles, in fact requires a lower consumption of raw materials, energy and water, reduces transport pollution and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the large thin slabs also lend themselves to a sustainable renovation of spaces: they can be laid overlapping existing materials, (without therefore creating construction waste) without the use of adhesive, to be recovered in a real logic of circular economy.

"Thanks to Perspectives Ferruccio Laviani masterfully interprets one of our flagships: the large ultra-thin slabs. With an installation that is anything but obvious, we explain how ceramics can open up and constantly reveal new scenarios, new possibilities, fully expressing the innovative spirit that outlines Lea Ceramiche. We are a vanguard brand, also thanks to extraordinary interpreters, unusual language expressions for porcelain stoneware, able to stimulate the best innovative projects.  Currently, we like to illustrate how to work with the infinite potential architecture offers us. Without forgetting the greatest challenge: the utmost respect for sustainability." Sustains Andrea Anghinetti, brand manager of Lea Ceramiche.

During Design Week, Lea Ceramiche will encourage enthusiasts and designers to enter a new dimension with renewed ceramics, a combination of minerals and nature, architecture and art, experience and visual perception, through the most innovative language of ceramics.