Appartment Wood&Line

Arch. Elisa Alessi & C.
Photo Credits: Giuseppe Gradella

Not just a residence, but a sophisticated and welcoming place. In the historical centre of Mantua, Architect Elisa Alessi has created a restyling project in which the harmonious combination of materials and architectural elements evokes a timeless sense of sophisticated elegance.

In Alessi’s prudent, respectful restoration, the architect opted for ceramic floor coverings with a very natural, time-worn wood effect: Lea Ceramiche’s Bio Recover collection. A meticulous, in-depth analysis by the Company’s Research Centre has guided the creation of the slats, in which the passage of time and its traces are evoked and reproduced on ceramic material with total precision and fidelity. Increasingly sophisticated technologies recreate a variety of knots and vein patterns on the surface, which, together with structural reliefs and colour variations, produce highly realistic tactile and visual effects.

Bio Recover lends the rooms warmth and authenticity; the surfaces in the Old Walnut colour, adjusted to the total white of the walls and furnishings, enhance the domestic feel of the spaces and perfectly combine with the stone details.

In addition to aesthetics, Lea Ceramiche’s Bio Recover collection also expresses the extreme practicality and functionality of ceramic material. Durable and easy to clean, it is characterised by Protect® antibacterial protection, which is incorporated during the manufacturing process and ensures that surfaces are always safe and protected over time.

Bio Recover