Attimi Heinz Beck

Fabio Novembre

Among the streets of CityLife, the largest urban district dedicated to shopping in Italy, a special place for making purchases, you will spot Attimi by Heinz Beck, a stylish bistro and restaurant created by the Cremonini Group’s Chef Express, which aims to make starred cuisine more accessible to the general public.

Arch.Fabio Novembre has designed the project and selected products by Lea Ceramiche to reinterpret the entire surface of the space. In particular, the Slimtech Concreto collection was used, a series designed by Fabio Novembre himself, which offers a modern reinterpretation of concrete. The large thin slabs – in this case the 6 mm-thick versions in large sizes up to 120x260cm – provide a background to the elegant furnishings. The intense Dark shade characterizes the areas dedicated to aperitifs, the bistro and fine dining, giving the whole space a sophisticated, yet informal style, designed for those who want to enjoy a unique food and wine experience in a limited period of time.

The decision to use large thin ceramic slabs highlights not only the aesthetic quality of the materials, but also the slabs’ extreme flexibility of use and application. Thanks to their reduced thickness, it is possible to create custom sizes to characterize the spaces in a distinctive, original way. Equally important and essential for restaurants with high footfall are the performance qualities of durability, ease of maintenance and above all, of bacterial resistance: Concreto is part of the PROTECT® line, antibacterial porcelain stoneware floor and wall coverings that offer very high performance for healthy, safe and protected environments, thanks to the silver ion shield incorporated in the tiles, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria from the surface.

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“We started working together with Lea Ceramiche many years ago and this has brought about a relationship of mutual respect and esteem. It was inevitable that it would have led to something more… Concreto.”