Blend – Beauty Center

Arch. Francesco Marescotti - FMD*sign

Just a stone’s throw from the centre of Milan, a salon dedicated to well-being and beauty, has chosen Lea Ceramiche products to define the character of their premises.

A graphic design sets apart the wall of one of the work areas: it is Slimtech Naive by Patrick Norguet. A pattern that evokes lines carefully drawn by pencil, a random network of intersecting designs that become unpredictable. Made of ultra-thin laminated stoneware slabs (5.5 mm thick), in record sizes of 3m x 1m, Slimtech is the result of advanced porcelain tile compaction technology that revolutionizes the traditional production process. The mixture, composed of clays and precious raw materials, is pressed with a force of 15,000 tons. Baking takes place in innovative, ecological kilns – a product of Panariagroup’s research and expertise. Digital printing, the innovative ceramic toner technology, creates a surface texture which is almost three-dimensional. The patterns are reproduced in bas-relief, weaving lines that emphasizes depth in the material while giving the graphic design a floating effect.

Timeless Marble is also from the Slimtech series and, in this case, the colour Calacatta Gold Extra is used for another floor area and wall space. Reproducing of one of the most precious and sought-after marbles in nature, a camouflage effect is formed by natural surfaces, with changing patterns set in the two finishes, glossy and opaque. The big slabs make large, uniform surfaces possible and, through the resulting limited number of joints, facilitate greater hygiene and functionality.

Small ceramic sculptures emphasise the spaciousness: Goccia is the collection designed for Lea Ceramiche by Kravitz Design Inc. Elegant, three-dimensional shapes mix solids and voids, sinuous and circular lines, giving the effect of movement to the surface.