Carpet Stories

Diego Grandi

“Carpet Stories” is the new display designed by Diego Grandi for the Lea Ceramiche Showroom in Milan. The star of the project is the new Trame collection which, first introduced at Cersaie, is represented throughout the space on Via Durini according to Diego Grandi’s interpretation and through the photographs of Beppe Brancato.

Exploring the numerous combinations of format, colour, and finish, the collection winds its way along the walls, the floors, and the triangular totems, subdividing the perimeter of the space and highlighting Trame’s unique characteristic: the chance to have continuous surfaces with decorative elements not only on the walls, but on the floor as well.

The showroom window on Via Durini is thus abstractly transformed into a carpet store with a series of multi-material and multi-colour compositions, suggestions that can be reinvented according to one’s own style and creativity.

Highlighted projects

"Since 2003 I have created five collections for Lea Ceramiche, which have marked several key moments in a process of interpreting the material, a process that has been constant over time."

Grand Angle
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