Chabra Residence

Port Washington (USA)
Chabra Residence

In Port Washington, not far from Manhattan, the chabra residence revisits functional international style, proposing solutions with strong aesthetic value and a highly reduced environmental footprint. Also thanks to the choice italian ceramic tiles by Lea Ceramiche.

The project is made of sculptural forms and materials, tied to the cultural tradition of the owners who are of Indian origin. The different technological solutions used for the project include: maple wood, aluminium panels, glass and steel together with the undisputed star of the Chabra Residence ceramics, that together create a distinct harmony.

The architect Stuart Narofsky says:

“For the wall cladding, both for interior and exterior areas, for the floors, the kitchen and bathrooms as well as for the swimming pool, it was necessary to use a material that required low maintenance: ceramic tiles for these applications are ideal. Hence the naturale finish from Slimtech Basaltina collection by Lea Ceramiche was selected. These tiles which are only 3 mm thick are manufactured with a recycled composite. It is a fantastic tile that requires almost no maintenance and has formidable resistance and maintains its characteristics of texture over time regardless of the climate and the meteorological changes”.

The Chabra Residence has been LEED-Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Silver Certified by virtue of the use Lea Ceramiche tiles, but also due to the presence of solar panels, which provide energy to heat water and for electricity, a geothermal heating and cooling system, various green roofs, and a water recycling system.


Basaltina Stone Project