Changi International Airport Singapore

Design Schmitz Corporation

From East to West, airports are a real attraction for many travellers: rather than merely places of transit, they are hubs designed to offer increasingly stimulating experiences geared towards people’s well-being. In addition to shops, cafés and restaurants, some airports offer pure entertainment with cinemas, spas, amazing architecture, works of art and lush gardens. One example is Singapore’s Changi International Airport, located just 23 km from the city centre, which is one of the most modern and important airports in Southeast Asia. Offering a fitness centre, a supermarket, a clinic, a business centre and a hotel, the Crowne Plaza, which connects with Terminal 3, Changi Airport knows how to impress its passengers: the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, the famous Rain Vortex; a swimming pool; free cinemas; beautiful art galleries; exotic multiple gardens; a water feature with numerous exotic fishes; a butterfly garden and a decorative orchid plantation; Changi International Airport certainly demonstrates the wonder of travel.

Such a busy transit area with such unique characteristics required a very careful consideration of the materials used. For the flooring in certain areas of the airport, for example, Lea Ceramiche materials were selected, products that boast advanced performance in terms of resistance and durability, perfectly meeting the project’s requirements due to their functionality and with respect to the formal expression of the space. Lea Ceramiche’s collections alternate the two primary contrasting colours: inspired by stone, but featuring contemporary touches, they come together to create elegant surfaces and welcoming atmospheres in which tactile appeal becomes a true form of expression.