Concept Store Who's Who

Fabio Novembre

The new concept store Who*s Who in Rome, designed by Fabio Novembre, is close to piazza Di Spagna and has a surface of 60sqm. The materials used and the corian sihouettes, confer a contemporary style to the space, with a high visual impact.

The ceramic material used is Slimtech by Lea Ceramiche, the ultra thin tile cut in a rhombus shape with sides that are 57,6cm long. The collection Mauk Cuadra Slimtech was designed by diego grandi and reproduces the natural effect of stone in three shades of grey. The chromatic and the visual effect result in a three dimensional effect both on the wall and the floor.

Slimtech Mauk redefines the concept of floor and wall decoration, reproposing old and traditional flooring techniques from natural stones and wood; redefining the highly technological slimtech slab in a more traditional approach.
The project touches an important theme with regards to the surface: the idea of rupture of the big tile (produced in the format 3m x 1m) and the overcoming of the orthogonality of ceramic tiles in general.
The element therefore is not anymore a square but becomes a triangle, a rhombus or a trapezoid and with the help of the contrasting joint render unsual and three dimensional patterns.

Basaltina Stone Project
“We started working together with Lea Ceramiche many years ago and this has brought about a relationship of mutual respect and esteem. It was inevitable that it would have led to something more… Concreto.”
Boutique Who’s Who
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