Fabio Novembre

A new ceramic experience.

Creativity meets innovation and once again places design at its core. In this new project designed by Fabio Novembre, Lea Ceramiche presents Concreto: a new collection of big thin laminated porcelain stoneware slabs and an installation that transforms the Showroom in via Durini, Milan, into an immersive experience that enhances contact with the material.

With the idea of creating a connection with the meaning of the word Concreto, the installation is free of all kinds of abstraction, that deviate attention from the product, and focuses on the collection as the only actor inside the setting.

The sequence of slabs, from light grey to dark grey, and the ceiling and back wall both with a mirror finish, amplify the space and emphasize its size.
The intrinsic value of the exhibition, however, lies in the cement itself, that is the inspiration that combines the elements and recreates a truly stunning glam vibe.

Highlighted projects
“We started working together with Lea Ceramiche many years ago and this has brought about a relationship of mutual respect and esteem. It was inevitable that it would have led to something more… Concreto.”