E-commerce Headquarters

GBPA Architects

The Italian headquarters of the largest US e-commerce giant has been opened near the skyscrapers of Porta Nuova, which already host some of the most important hi-tech brands. Here the multinational’s around four hundred employees have been working since November 2018 in the two almost 18,000 sq. m renovated blocks.

The renovation works completely transformed the architectural envelope and the interior spaces with an emphasis on comfort and sustainability: transparent skin to expose the offices to natural light and to the surrounding metropolitan landscape, flexible open space organization, places for relaxation and recreation, panoramic terraces, low consumption LED artificial lighting, winter and summer air conditioning with polyvalent heat pumps, a photovoltaic system on roof and geothermal wells. The building and finishing materials were also chosen with an environmental focus, placing particular attention on their life cycle and saving resources. The entire building, which has an emphasis on green construction and energy saving,

incorporates the colours of the area of Milan in which it is located. For this prestigious project, the GBPA Architects firm, which was in charge of the renovation, selected Lea Ceramiche’s District, Slimtech Type 32 and Trame collections for a very distinctive and impressive overall effect.

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