Evento 36h

Fiorano Modenese (IT)
Diego Grandi

On the occasion of Cersaie 2007, Lea Ceramiche chose to introduce the new collections through a suggestive and articulate installation in its own site in Fiorano Modenese, in the heart of the ceramic tile district, that opened its doors to more than its employees from October 2 to 4, 2007. The author of the event told us how the evocative and symbolic name was chosen: Diego Grandi, to whom Lea Ceramiche entrusted the art direction of an exceptional festival.

The event suggested a chronological and spatial path of a hypothetic day typical of the new traveller: 36 hours to catch a plane, reach the cosy room of a hotel, allow yourself a meal among various and different historical fragments, visit the local market, relax among the vapours and essences of a spa, lose yourself in the streets of a yet unfamiliar city and, at last, depart.

The images, the scenarios and the tastes of those things which were experienced in just a few hours, divided up into 6 stages, seem to have been recalled in the materials and in textures which accompanied the path and which were carried over into the dimensions of the real and perceived space.

The lounge area of an airport is the non-place of the beginning of the voyage, a place in which many stories, destinations, people and baggage are crowded into. Case brings to mind the soft, resistant finishing of the leather covering of a trunk: 45 x 45cm of intersecting texture, in the noir, cafè and blanc colours, and made even more prominent by the frame, flat and geometric, which closes it and gives it volume and three-dimensionality.

The voyage continues in a bistro, where the experience of food is a fusion of stimuli and sensations and then in a relaxing spa. The local market, with its many objects, colours, materials, scents and noises, which confuse and urge the senses and at the same time, is the next scene presented to our travellers. Finally, before their return departure, our protagonists get lost among the streets of a city still to be discovered.

Highlighted projects

"Since 2003 I have created five collections for Lea Ceramiche, which have marked several key moments in a process of interpreting the material, a process that has been constant over time."