Flagship store Natuzzi

Fabio Novembre
Photo credits: Andrea Martiradonna

Designer restyling of the Natuzzi flagship store in via Durini Milan: Fabio Novembre signs the architectural design of the entire exhibition space, drawing from the Mediterranean roots that the architect and the family that owns the brand have in common. The new retail concept is inspired by Apulia and plastically interprets its culture, its colours, the values of hospitality and sharing that characterise the region.

The fulcrum of the project is the large double-height hall animated by the typical lights that decorate the squares during celebrations of the Apulian tradition: a place of sociality and relationships, the space becomes an ideal gallery to present the new collections together with Natuzzi’s best sellers and its most iconic pieces. 

The “square” also houses a multifunctional lounge for meetings with customers and for the virtual experience in 3D; different environments, connected to one another, branch off from the central area giving rise to four spaces dedicated to the living area and three to the total living proposals.

All the materials and colour choices complete and blend perfectly with the architectural project, harking back in their details to the enveloping and relaxed atmospheres of the Mediterranean.

For the floors, as an example, Concreto signed by Fabio Novembre for Lea Ceramiche was chosen. The porcelain stoneware collection is supplied here in the Extra Light colour: warm and enveloping, it welcomes and radiates the light, enhancing every single piece of furniture as in a theatrical scene.

“With Natuzzi we wanted to bring Apulia to an international audience. To achieve this goal, however, there was a need for partners who would allow the evocation of tradition with contemporary products. The choice naturally fell on our Concreto designed for Lea Ceramiche”, affirms the designer.

The large 90x90 cm modules expand the boundaries of space, revealing the intrinsic characteristics of the material with its hinted graphic outlines in a continuous dialogue with the architectural elements and complements by Natuzzi. Concreto, in its slim Slimtech version, also covers the stairs, a sartorial use of thin slabs that with only 6 mm of thickness and large formats allow infinite applications and possibilities.

Large slabs of Delight Calacatta Oro, also by Lea Ceramiche, also cover the bar counter in the lounge area: in the imposing format of 120 x 260 cm, the modules reproduce the most refined and appreciated type of marble in the world, the golden veins of different intensities with a pure white background radiate a soft and enveloping light, making a furnishing element part of the whole.

In addition to the aesthetic and technical qualities, all Lea Ceramiche materials are highly sustainable and characterised by Protect antibacterial protection, for a hygiene that is always safe and durable over time.