In Factory

Diego Grandi

Lea Ceramiche dates for the Fuori Salone 2017 are an invitation to explore the path of research, experimentation and innovation that the company in Fiorano Modenese has chosen since its origin. The unique creative vocation, backed by solid industrial means, is revealed in the project CREATIVITY IN PERFORMANCE which is presented through two complementary installations: in via Durini 3, in the showroom of the company, and in via Palermo 11. In both, the big laminated porcelain slabs, for floor and wall cladding, have been chosen to express the versatility of the company’s products, the ideas from where they come and the scenarios that they can create.

The identity of matter; is the starting point of IN FACTORY. Material Landscape, the exhibition in via Palermo 11 a Diego Grandi’s concept, curated by Porzia Bergamasco, and done in collaboration with another company, Zucchetti.Kos. Here a hypothetical exchange of relations and affinity is orchestrated, through the evocation of the distinct production processes of clay and brass – that characterize the products and innovations of Lea Ceramiche and Zucchetti.Kos – that reveal their potential when meeting design and architecture.

The stunning installation is an invitation to reflect on the suggestions and natural material signs of decoration of the environments through the interpretations of designers involved with Lea Ceramiche: the DWA-Frederik De Wachter and Alberto Artesani duo, Luciano Giorgi, Francesco Librizi and Philippe Nigro.

As a whole the project CREATIVITY IN PERFORMANCE highlights the capacity to summarize, through industry and technology, an artistic and imaginary world. An attitude that is the foundation of the collections and projects by the. This is an approach where style and performance always coincide.

Highlighted projects

"Since 2003 I have created five collections for Lea Ceramiche, which have marked several key moments in a process of interpreting the material, a process that has been constant over time."