Le Loup

Diego Grandi

On the occasion of the Salon du Meuble de Paris, Lea Ceramiche and INTERNI presented, in the “Vers de Nouveaux Modeles d’habitations” section, Le Loup. The installation, conceived by Diego Grandi, is a place where different languages come together to create a new concept of space dedicated to socialising.

Le Loup is born from an architectonic interpretation of the original version of the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” by Charles Perrault, an allegory where the wolf stirs up our fears by inviting us to interpret the various figures which haunt our dreams, creating an involving game in which the limits between reality and fantasy become even more subtle. The project draws its expressive strength from the synergy of the languages used which, under the wise direction of Diego Grandi, narrate the metaphor of the fable in various ways: visual, through the illuminated illustration of Giorgia Ricci, achieved with red coloured phosphorescent lighting; audio, through musical samplings, achieved by the Drama Society group, of a famous popular French song “Le Petit Chaperon Rouge” by Lisette Jambel and text by Fracoise Giraud to create the soundtrack for the installation; planning with a symbolic representation of metropolitan spaces, conceived by Diego Grandi, converging toward a virtual ring in which the fairy tale reaches its climactic moment; tangible, through the innovative use of the ceramic surfaces to create the entire project and the creation of some materials produced by Lea Ceramiche specifically for the installation.

The project evolves around a cylindrical body, a sort of great magic lantern which is accessible through radial paths, in which some of the more important images of the tale are represented. From the outside, the space does not give away its true identity. The visitor, shy and yet attracted by the reassuring and captivating red light, is violently thrust into the circular space where memories, allegories and emotions create an exciting euphoric atmosphere and the desire to put on a mask (loup) in order to metaphorically act out their own fairy tale. Inside the space, entirely covered in ceramic material, a large, circular sofa in which the wolf’s silhouette is inscribed, welcomes the visitors; a series of boxing bags in white leather hang above the audience, inviting them to enter the ring and begin the game. Le Loup represented another stop in the path upon which Lea Ceramiche has embarked to create projects and events with important architectonic content and cultural beliefs in the creative and planning strength, still not completely expressed, of ceramic material.

Once again, Lea Ceramiche became a spokesperson for the tendencies which enrich surfaces, using ceramic products in innovative spaces in an untraditional manner. “Le Loup is a space for meeting and for relationship, a space of contemporary collectiveness where one can make an appointment or meet casually, simulate, participate or simply observe”. A place where the metaphor of relationships and emotions is reinterpreted through the script of a fable.

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"Since 2003 I have created five collections for Lea Ceramiche, which have marked several key moments in a process of interpreting the material, a process that has been constant over time."