Les Dunes, Campus Société Générale

Val de Fontenay (FR)
Patrick Norguet
Photo Credits: Nicolas Mathéus

Les Dunes is the new technological centre of Société Générale in Val de Fontenay, in the eastern suburbs of Paris. The project that won the tender, launched in 2011 by the renowned banking group, was presented by the firm AAD Architecture Anne Démians. It is a complex of offices distributed over 5 buildings that will eventually be able to accommodate up to 5,000 employees.

Among the common areas and spaces dedicated to socializing, the design of three dining areas was entrusted to Patrick Norguet. . Starting from the impressive size of the spaces, the challenge for the French architect and designer has been to combine and manage the flow of so many people in areas where real needs, such as sociability, intimacy and comfort during meals, are naturally required.

For the floor and part of the coating of the walls, Société Générale has chosen Lea Ceramiche materials. In particular Metropolis, the cement effect collection, was chosen for the self-service area flooring. Proposed in the Tokyo White colour, it creates an area of neutral and bright colour, and ensures an environment which is healthier, safer and protected thanks to Protect® antibacterial protection integrated in the production phase of the material. On the walls LeaLab slabs were installed. This project by Lea Ceramiche allows any surface to be customized through the use of digital printing on laminated porcelain stoneware. The pattern which was specially developed for this project and printed on large Slimtech slabs, is a distinguishing element of the space with its delicate geometric design. Also from the Slimtech series, the Shade Milk collection covers the sides of the bar counter: the slabs are only 3 mm thick with irregular geometric cuts, covering the entire surface of the volumetric shape creating an unprecedented sculptural effect. Another special product made specifically for Société Gènèrale is Wave. The pattern created for Slimtech is in this case produced in the thick 60x60cm format. The product features a play of horizontal lines that interact with light and furniture, giving vibration and personality to the surface.

Highlighted projects
“What is really interesting, being an architect, is the creation of a new material that will offer a wide range of applications in the architectural world. Lea Ceramiche is a brand that is open to innovation, and for me it characterizes the strength of Italy, the desire… to play.”