Ospedale Borgo Trento and Ospedale Borgo Roma

Studio Altieri
Photo Credit: Autori Associati di Paolo Lorenzi

Among its many applications, ceramic material, thanks to its extreme strength and durability, achieves its maximum technical expression in cladding for outdoor areas and is the ideal choice for projects that require not only materials which meet formal design requirements but, above all, very high-quality performance.

Such is the case for the Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Integrata of Verona, a reference point for the entire Veneto region and a nationally recognised highly specialised health centre. As part of a redevelopment project that included the redesign of several parts of the original structure in two locations, the Ospedale Borgo Trento and the Ospedale Borgo Roma, Lea Ceramiche’s Cliffstone collection was chosen for the external surfaces.

Reinterpreting a rocky stone that does not exist in nature, Cliffstone is the result of a careful research and cutting-edge digital printing technology that can reproduce patterns, irregularities and shades with perfect realism. However, it is above all in the application stage that the material delivers its maximum performance: used in the Verona healthcare facility in the L2 version to cover a raised floor, its 20-mm high thickness guarantees total stability, resistance and durability. Resistant to frost and temperature changes, it offers high anti-slip performance, an indispensable and necessary feature for high-traffic places such as public buildings. Alternating between the two shades, White Dover and Gray Tenerife, Cliffstone helps to redefine the identity and the character of the space, while meeting the project’s technical and formal requirements.