Palazzo agli Arcieri Residential Complex

Grosseto (Italia)
Architetto Giuseppe Chigiotti
Photo Credits: Fabio Bonazia

In the heart of Grosseto, with a view of the Medicean Walls, the Palazzo agli Arcieri Residential Complex is a real estate project that does not harm or consume the land, but that, on the contrary, reclaims degraded areas within the historic urban fabric, enlivening the area with new residents. A construction project with low consumption of natural resources has resulted in a building with no environmental impact, since it does not generate CO2 and is classified as energy class A3. The space is characterised by a high level of well-being and is designed to meet the highest living comfort standards, partly thanks to the healthy indoor air, which is continually exchanged and filtered, and the use of cutting-edge technologies and materials. The complex designed by architect Chigiotti received the “Le buone maniere” award in 2019, created by Legambiente as part of Festambiente per l’innovazione tecnologica.

The entire façade of this striking and innovative building, which covers around 800 square metres, has been covered with tiles from Lea Ceramiche’s SlimtechWaterfall collection. The stoneware in this range has the characteristic iridescent effect of sedimentary rock with its irregularities and varied shades. The Ivory Flow shade, a light and bright version of ancient slate, was selected for the project. The surface recalls the spontaneous and natural oxidation process of stone, which is constantly evolving and changing colour, shape and structure, adapting to changing natural agents. In terms of performance, Slimtech’s lightweight and strong design makes it particularly suitable for contemporary buildings: perfectly planar, it is easy to work with, move and install.