Residential Home at Budapest

Péter Koch | Nara Studio
Photo Credits: György Palkó

A spectacular villa with an unusual design that is sometimes sharp and bold and always ultra-modern, nestled in the leafy 12th district of the picturesque city of Budapest. Built on several levels, the sumptuous residence features a white ventilated façade that pleasantly contrasts with the green of the surrounding landscape.

Design reigns supreme in the bathrooms and in the kitchen. Lea Ceramiche’s high-impact surfaces, which boast remarkable technical performance, are perfectly in line with the avant-garde design of this villa developed by the Hungarian Nara Studio. In some of the bathrooms, the elegance of Slimtech Absolute Total White tiles alternates with the optical wave effect of the Waves wall covering by Patrick Norguet. The bathrooms also include the Naive collection, another collaboration with the French designer that combines design and technology, craftsmanship and industry, porcelain stoneware and enamels for a graphic effect reminiscent of hand-drawn pencil lines. The 3.5 mm-thick Basaltina Stone Project collection was also used for the project, featuring a minimal and striking look inspired by natural stone. Finally, the kitchen is fitted with tiles from Diego Grandi City collection, whose metallic-effect texture is the result of extraordinary research into materials and technology, lending the room enormous charm.

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