The Library

Wanchai – Hong Kong
A Work of Substance
Photo Credits: Dennis Lo

A space with a surprising scenic impact by virtue above all of its function, where quiet, attention to detail, care and the culture of the design are the true protagonists. All these principles have guided the design approach of the A Work of Substance studio, in a private car park project in Hong Kong in which the beauty of design in the automotive sector is enhanced by refined and sophisticated details, by the careful choice of materials that are expressed in perfect symbiosis with the automotive models it houses.

The result is a “library” for collectors, an intimate refuge of priceless treasures, a work of elegance and refinement that is expressed through the stylistic peculiarities, the purity of the design, the quality of the materials and the materiality of the surfaces. A precise desire to bring out the care of the place in every detail to produce what is almost a theatrical set in which the beauty and the value of the past are combined with the emotions of the present.

Among the materials used for the finishes, L2 by Lea Ceramiche was chosen to cover part of the floor of the area that houses the cars and the services. The space has been designed to enhance the combination of refined and precious elements with other strong and raw ones, such as L2 itself, the ceramic collection with high technical performance that, inspired by stone, provides a surface with a highly material and distinctive texture. L2, in the 20 mm thickness, guarantees stability, durability and functionality. In the Next Dark variant, the ceramic slabs elegantly reinterpret the heterogeneous surface of the original material, generating a pleasant contrast between the floor and the surrounding elements. In addition to its technical and aesthetic characteristics, L2 is a green material, made through manufacturing processes that respect the environment, as well as people’s health and well-being.

Highlighted projects
Dealership BMW
Dealership Mercedes-Benz
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