Tranches de Vie

Hornu (BE)
Sofie Lachaert e Luc D’Hanis (SLLD)

Tranches de vie is the first personal exhibition by Sofie Lachaert and Luc D’Hanis (SLLD), on show at the Grand-Hornu Images Museum in Belgium.

In the spaces dedicates to the kitchen and bathroom area, the symbolism of the tiles underlines and expresses the intimacy of the space. In the first, a pattern with fruit and vegetables are produced using an innovative digital technology and printed on Slimtech laminated porcelain: the lively colors accentuate the drawing and emphasize its aphrodisiac shapes. In the second space, bacteria are printed on the Slimtech slabs. Considered unhygienic and unpleasent, under a microscope they end up having very interesting shapes.