Ürom's House

Arch. Riez Zoltán
Photos credist: Mizik Marcell

In the small municipality of Üröm, located in the province of Pest, architect Riez Zoltán has designed a luxury villa with a contemporary style. The area in which it is set measures about 8,000 m2, surrounded by greenery, and where the two-storey building with essential and minimalist lines is prominent. Large windows look out onto the garden and the vast terrace on the first floor, letting in the light, an element that enhances the refined solutions of the indoor spaces, such as some of the collections by Lea Ceramiche.

Among the materials chosen for the construction of the villa, the architectural firm also opted for porcelain stoneware surfaces, given their versatility and the possibility of recreating rooms having an elegant style and contemporary taste. The colour choices complement and blend perfectly with the architectural design, proposing warm, cosy and relaxed atmospheres. In particular, for Lea Ceramiche, the Concreto collection by Fabio Novembre  has been used in several areas of the home, chosen for its ability to mould the character of each room: in fact, inspired by concrete, a material that symbolises modern architecture, the collection comes in three thicknesses, several finishes and a variety of sizes, making it suitable for intimate and private spaces, places for working or representation, the living room en plein air and the kitchen. Precisely for the flooring of the villa’s large kitchen, 120x120 cm slabs in the Light colour were chosen to create a bright, contemporary look, contrasting with the wood used for the kitchen furniture.

Concreto was also used for the bathrooms. In the first bathroom, large 120x120 cm slabs in the slim Slimtech version (6 mm) cover the walls: the choice of alternating the Light nuance with the Rust colour creates an elegant colour play, reminiscent of the industrial style. While in the second bathroom, the ambience is made bright and relaxing through the Concreto Light slabs, this time combined with the Medium colour variant. For the sauna area, on the other hand, the flooring in Concreto Light are perfectly matched with Bio Select in the Oak Natural colouring in the 20x120 cm slab size with a thickness of 9.5 mm, a sophisticated proposal and a faithful interpretation of classic wood essences, in contemporary and balanced colours.

Lea Ceramiche’s collections were chosen not only for their contemporary aesthetics and captivating design, but also for their advanced technical performance. They offer the possibility of varying thicknesses for the indoor spaces between traditional (9.5 mm) and thin (6 mm), along with the use of a resistant and long-lasting material like ceramic surfaces. They are also safe thanks to PROTECT®, which guarantees maximum healthiness to flooring and wall covering thanks to a built-in silver ion antibacterial shield that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria from the surface. Therefore, ideal for environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. Finally, Slimtech thin slabs represent a carbon neutral choice, as CO2 emissions are reduced during production and, thanks to the THINk ZERO project, residual emissions are offset over the entire life cycle of the product.