Vip Lounge Bruxelles Airlines


Transforming an anonymous space into a welcoming, modern and sustainable environment is a design challenge that was successfully achieved in the VIP Lounge of Bruxelles Airlines, Belgium’s national airline. Designing a place of transit, a theatre of human interactions, encounters and continuous connections, necessarily requires extreme care and the enhancement of every element, since every detail can make a difference. In the VIP Lounge at Bruxelles Airlines, for example, the floor surface was created with Lea Ceramiche’s Slimtech, wood-effect ceramic slabs with cutting-edge technological performance.

Modules that are impressive – up to 33 cm x 300 cm – yet very light for their thickness of just 5.5 mm, cover the surface in a warm natural oak colour with intense and dense shades. The relationship between colour, ceramic material and space is so carefully conceived and impressive that it gives this unconfined, transitory environment emotion, character and warmth. In addition to its aesthetic properties, Lea Ceramiche’s Slimtech fully meets the location’s functional requirements: laminated stoneware is super-resistant, long-lasting and easy to clean, boasting Protect protection, the technology created by the American giant Microban, which slows the proliferation of microbes, even in the absence of light; this silver-based technology is incorporated during the processing stage without interfering with the material’s aesthetic properties. Lea Ceramiche’s Slimtech is also a totally “green” material: the product’s entire life cycle – from its design and production to its use and disposal – respects the environment by minimizing its impact on the planet.

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