The Anthology Impact

Ferruccio Laviani
Photo Credits: Alessandro Nassiri

During Design City Milano, which will enliven the city with events and talks about design from 28 September to 10 October, Lea Ceramiche will present Anthology: a collection based on a combination of the most advanced technologies and a sophisticated aesthetic research, resulting in a distinctive solution. Traditional subjects, such as stone and marble, merge in a single product, creating a sophisticated, surprising result that is not present in nature and that boasts a completely original tactile effect. The careful and tasteful combination of distinctive ingredients produces 5 completely different subjects with a strong and uncompromising character.

The collection is the fruit of a new collaboration that Lea Ceramiche, drawing on its many years of experience in design, has initiated with an established professional in the field, architect Ferruccio Laviani

The architect, in the Lea Ceramiche showroom in Via Durini, devised “The Anthology Impact”: a story that originates in space and that continues in the centre of Milan.

Representing and communicating a product through a showcase is always extremely exciting: creating a set-up is like making a video clip: you have a track (the product) and you have to tell its story,” comments Ferruccio Laviani. “I wanted to transfer, through a simple and immediate design language, the concept underlying Lea Ceramiche’s Anthology collection, which is inspired by a material research connected to a mineral universe with different colour shades and tactile variations”

The result is a disruptive set-up, which focuses attention and energy on a large central meteorite that crosses the window of the Lea Ceramiche showroom. The showcase becomes the large porthole of a spaceship and allows passers-by and visitors to discover the collection from the outside and then continue inside the showroom in a sort of space walk accompanied by an astronaut.

“For Lea Ceramiche, Anthology represents the result of deep aesthetic and technological research: it is the fruit of the expertise of a brand that has always believed in the value of distinctive projects and innovation as a means of investigating unique and disruptive expressive territories,” comments Andrea Anghinetti, brand manager of Lea Ceramiche. “Laviani has reinterpreted the collection, telling a fascinating and impactful story and thus beginning a new collaboration with the company.

This astonishing set-up will therefore showcase a new collection that is the result of a deep and mature stylistic research, accompanied by the application of the best production and decorative technologies available.


The Anthology Impact

Lea Ceramiche Showroom

Via Durini, 3, 20122 Milan

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“Working with Lea Ceramiche is giving me the opportunity to get to know that extraordinary material that is ceramics, and at the same time, investigate my creative possibilities in using it as a designer."