Since 1956 ADI has brought designers, businesses, researchers, teachers, critics and journalists together around the common themes associated with design: planning, consumption, recycling, and training. It is a major player in the development of industrial design as a cultural and economic phenomenon.

ADI is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote and contribute to the implementation of the most appropriate conditions for the design of goods and services, through cultural debate, involvement with institutions, and the providing of services.

For ADI “design” is planning with cultural awareness, the interface between society’s individual and collective demand and what producers have to offer.

It oversees product design, services, visual communication, packaging, internal architecture, and environmental planning.

Design is a system which creates a relationship between production and consumption, engaging in research, innovation, and engineering to give functionality, social value, and cultural significance to the goods and services distributed in the market.

Lea Ceramiche member of ADI – Association for Industrial Design