Design escape.

High-tech aesthetics.
They stand out in the metropolitan landscape and become a hallmark, a distinguishing feature. They are ambitious, distinctive projects. Defined by shapes and lines that draw your gaze and outline the horizon. Residential buildings that dialogue with their surroundings and draw strength from them. Material is an integral part of their design. Without compromising on aesthetics or quality.
Landmark Pinnacle, in London, with its 75 storeys, is Europe’s tallest residential skyscraper. Squire & Partners, the firm that designed the buildings in the complex, opted for Lea Ceramiche’s high-quality aesthetic for the bathroom facilities in the building’s apartments and common areas, using the Cliffstone collection, which covers 17,500 square metres of floor space. 

Known for its spectacular visual impact, The Pole House is without a doubt the most photographed architectonic project on Great Ocean Road, in Australia.Suspended at a height of 40 meters, the iconic house appears to be floating among the clouds.

A spectacular villa with an unusual design that is sometimes sharp and bold and always ultra-modern, nestled in the leafy 12th district of the picturesque city of Budapest. Built on several levels, the sumptuous residence features a white ventilated façade that pleasantly contrasts with the green of the surrounding landscape. Lea Ceramiche’s high-impact surfaces, which boast remarkable technical performance, are perfectly in line with the avant-garde design of this villa developed by the Hungarian Nara Studio.

The Bosco Verticale is a model of sustainable residential building and a metropolitan reforestation project that helps to regenerate the environment and urban biodiversity without the uncontrolled expansion of the city having an excessively negative impact on the surrounding area. Lea Ceramiche products cover the interiors and are in line with the eco-sustainable soul of the project. 

Located between the High Line and 28th Street, in the 520 West 28th NYC residential complex designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the architecturally striking building was designed to dialogue with the lively surrounding urban environment, the Chelsea neighbourhood in Manhattan. The eleven floors, which encompass a total of 39 apartments, each with its own identity and different viewpoints of the neighbourhood, feature a series of volumes that flow into each other, intertwining.