Good Zona Merci

Maranello (IT)

Lea Ceramiche’s Slimtech ultra-thin slabs are featured in the newly opened Good Zona Merci restaurant, in the centre of Maranello. From floor coverings to bathroom wall coverings and customised furnishing elements, the space showcases the possible uses of ceramic products, both in architecture and furnishings.

The chosen collection is Timeless Marble Calacatta Gold Extra, a contemporary reinterpretation of one of the most exquisite marbles in nature. On the large 5.5 mm-thick slabs with large formats, up to 3 m x 1 m, the intense and full veining creates bright and elegant surfaces. The gleaming white of the slabs becomes the key furnishing element of the entire space. Slimtech covers tables, the bar counter, trays and the logoed sign: the ceramic material’s versatility is transformed into a concrete possibility to experiment with new areas of application.

The aesthetic qualities are complemented by the performance of laminated stoneware. Slimtech is tough, durable, easy to clean and safe. The Protect® antibacterial protection permanently incorporated in the product ensures healthy and protected environments over time.