Hotel Leon d’Oro

Orta San Giulio (Novara)
Arch.Gianni Francisco–Studio 3

With a splendid view over Lake Orta, the Hotel Leon D’Oro is a place that gives a sense of well-being and beauty, where one can regenerate, find comfort and a sense of hospitality. Recently, an interior renovation project has restored freshness to the structure and has involved, in particular, the spa, aiming at recreating aesthetically attractive and highly functional environments, where the technical component plays a fundamental role. Chosen for the floor of the spa was Bio Select by Lea Ceramiche, a ceramic surface with a very natural wood effect, with nuances of colour that are inspired by the earth, able to recreate a warm and enveloping atmosphere. In the Oak Natural colour, the slats recall, in a very realistic way, the textures of the finest wooden essence, oak: a surface that expresses all its natural materiality but, at the same time, its extreme functionality in terms of resistance and durability.

In addition to Bio Select, it is Waterfall by Lea Ceramiche that covers wellness areas of the spa. Through the faithful reproduction of slate, the collection calibrates the movement of the veins and the irregularities typical of a split stone. The realism of the rendering on the large ceramic modules expresses the rough authenticity of the stone, the signs of time imprinted in the material become the background to the perfectly designed space, where form and function coincide. Bio Select and Waterfall, like all the materials from Lea Ceramiche and its production systems, meet sustainable criteria; they are healthy because they are protected by Protect®, the technology that prevents the proliferation of bacteria, as well as being durable and easy to clean. Thanks to their non-porous surface, the ceramic material hinders the deposit of grime and the proliferation of mould, making it ideal for laying in high-traffic environments