Principe Amedeo 5

Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners
Photo Credits: Diego De Pol

Lea Ceramiche, a Modenese company that manufactures high-quality floor and wall coverings, has always stood out for its skilful use of ceramic materials and for its highly distinctive products inspired by both natural materials and past styles and eras, creating a very balanced mix of the contemporary and the traditional.

An excellent example is Mauk, special sizes of Basaltina Stone Project laminated stoneware collection, which was chosen for the bathroom coverings in an elegant office building located at 5 Via Principe Amedeo in Milan, the result of the architectural redevelopment of a site which, in 1850, housed the American consulate and which is now owned by Covivio, the fourth-largest real estate company in Europe, listed on Euronext in Paris and on the Italian Stock Exchange.

Conceived by Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners, the project involved the restoration and extension of the interiors, respecting the historic building and making the rooms suitable, flexible and versatile to host 500 workstations, spread over a 5 floors and covering a total area of around 9000 sq. m. Both for the conservative restoration of the building and the inclusion of contemporary elements, such as the roof replaced by a terrace and a transparent glass volume on the top floor, or in the case of the inner courtyard, formerly used for parking spaces and now transformed into a lush garden, many eco-friendly recycled or recyclable materials have been used in the “Principe Amedeo 5” project, demonstrating a clear focus on environmental sustainability

The choice of Mauk for the bathroom coverings, in line with the guidelines for the entire project, precisely meets the various style and eco-friendly requirements. The collection is made of Lea Ceramiche’s Slimtech laminated stoneware, the result of a revolutionary technology that has radically surpassed the traditional concept of tiles, making it possible to create ultra-light modules (3.5mm thick in this case) and oversize formats (up to 3m x 1m). Light and easy to cut and lay, in the case of Mauk the original slab is cut into diamond and trapezoid-shaped modules; when laid, due to the repeated cuts, it gives the surface a three-dimensional effect that is reminiscent of past styles and recalls exquisite old and sophisticated vintage parquet. Mauk lends elegance and style to surfaces, guarantees maximum functionality and resistance and, through the innovative Slimtech technology, contributes to making the “Principe Amedeo 5” project even more eco-friendly.

Basaltina Stone Project