Private Residence St.Pietroburgo

San Pietroburgo

Nothing less than an oasis of well-being in a private home with a modern and sophisticated design. A interior design project that represents the perfect synthesis between aesthetic beauty and technological performance through the realisation of an exclusive environment with a relaxing atmosphere, designed to give pure relaxation.

The materials selected for finishings of the bathroom and of the Spa area reflect the requested standards, in terms of aesthetics, quality and performance. For the floor and wall coverings, large, thin slabs with a 100x300 and 100x100 format were chosen, in laminated porcelain stoneware from the Slimtech Waterfall collection, able to reinterpret a natural and antique stone such as slate in a realistic way. Proposed in the anthracite shade, Dark Flow, the collection covers the surfaces of the rooms, giving them naturalness and elegance and creating a graphic effect of great impact.

Perfect in the chromatic continuity of flooring and wall covering, the laminated porcelain stoneware of this line, in addition to being lightweight and resistant, indeed presents the characteristic iridescent effect of sedimentary rock, with its irregularities and varied shades. Waterfall is also part of the Protect®  line, a technology that is nothing less than an anti-bacterial shield based on silver ions incorporated into the tiles that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces and is able to act continuously even in conditions of scarce lighting.