Character and personality: beyond simple decoration

Lea Ceramiche’s constant attention to aesthetics and design testifies to its creative approach and its passion for constantly experimenting with new styles and techniques, expressive languages on ceramic material that can interpret and define housing styles and trends.

This ability to master the theme of design leads to highly recognizable and distinctive solutions that go beyond mere decorations and patterns to suggest new combinations for both interior design and architecture.

With a tasteful combination of formats and sizes, it is possible to create visually striking walls that can determine the personality of the whole project. The tiles can be placed on a wall or floor, or they can emphasize a certain area, creating a decoration that highlights a single portion of space. Alongside more traditional combinations, there are more modern versions with geometric patterns that produce a lively and vivid effect. The choice can vary between multicoloured or tone-on-tone materials for creating stronger and bolder or softer and paler contrasts, always with a uniform and balanced result.

In particular, the geometric decorations, especially vertical designs, enlarge the existing space, lending the walls a truly unique three-dimensional effect. The geometric patterns for decorating walls – diamonds, cubes, hexagons and triangles – are designed to create iconic surfaces that characterize and define every single room.