The beauty of travel.

Airports: places for entertainment and comfortable breaks.
Places designed for transit, but not exclusively. For travellers, airports are a real attraction, offering contemporary and comfortable leisure and service activities. The most modern terminals, in addition to classic areas with bars, cafeterias, restaurants and stores, offer leisure areas such as spas, cinemas, gardens and even art galleries. The materials used for environments with such unique characteristics must inevitably be carefully chosen. Various Lea Ceramiche products have been selected for the wall and floor coverings of airports, materials that can successfully meet the design requirements, both in terms of functionality and the spaces’ formal expression.


For the flooring in certain areas of the airport Singapore’s Changi International Airport, for example, Lea Ceramiche materials were selected, products that boast advanced performance in terms of resistance and durability, perfectly meeting the project’s requirements due to their functionality and with respect to the formal expression of the space.

The unique warmth of wood-effect porcelain stoneware was chosen for the Bruxelles Airlines VIP Lounge, in finishes that accurately reproduce natural wood.
Rome Fiumicino Airport offers an elegant toilette space – designed by the Muzi&Associati firm – that has been compared to an exclusive location: the covering is created with Lea Ceramiche’s Slimtech RE-evolution.