Offices in Copenhagen

Interior Designer - Lulu Mosquito
Photo Credits: FA:DE Creative Studio

Lea Ceramiche has once again demonstrated its ability to offer distinctive solutions with a strong identity, accompanied by increasingly flexible and innovative technologies, in a new flooring project for offices in Copenhagen. The collection used is Slimtech Take Carein the T-Ground Naturale colour variant with a continuous spatula-finished effect halfway between resin and concrete, enhanced by the inclusion of materials with different reflections. A soft, almost velvety surface which, depending on the angle of the light, produces a distinctive iridescent effect.

The innovative, certified Slimtech Easy dry installation system without adhesive was used for the restyling of the offices, a solution that revolutionises how we conceive and imagine a new ceramic floor covering with unprecedented simplicity and speed, as well as very high-quality results. Thanks to this innovative system, it is possible to renovate spaces without the need for any invasive demolition or renovation work, reducing work times and costs by an average of 30%. Thanks to the ultra-thin Slimtech Plus slabs, which have a total thickness of just 7 mm, this technology makes it possible to create a new ultra-resistant porcelain stoneware floor that is particularly suitable for indoor office environments. The slabs are accompanied by the Silent soundproofing mat, specially designed for this solution, on which the surfaces are laid and then sealed with a special filler, available in two different variants – fast or matt – which makes them stable, immediately walkable, waterproof and ultra-resistant.

Not only is this solution easy to install, but it is also geared around those who use the space. The Take Care collection used for the flooring in these offices is part of the PROTECT® line, antibacterial porcelain stoneware floor and wall coverings that offer very high performance for healthy, safe and protected environments, thanks to the silver ion shield incorporated in the tiles, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria from the surface.